Short back and sides | £14

Clippered back and sides, any grade from zero upwards

Includes all outlines, tapering, texturising and styling

Skinfade | £15

Skinfade down to foils and cut to your specification

Includes texturising and styling

Buzz cut | £11

Single grade all over (grades zero upwards), including outlines and tapering

Shinballer | £6

Completely off! Buzzed over with detailers then finished up with foils and a cooling post-shave balm, if desired.

Scissor cut | £15

Layers and length, any style you like

Kid's cut | £10

Kiddos aged 12 and under, haircuts in any style

A friendly and patient service (Check out our reviews!)

Senior gents | £12

Dapper chaps 65 and over, haircuts in any style

Sentences starting 'Back when I was your age...' very welcome

Beard work | £6

or £3 with any haircut

Facial hair trimmed to any shape, any size, any style

Wash | £2

If you have bed-hair, hat hair or a barnet full of product, we strongly advise a wash to promise a higher quality cut